Sunday, July 24, 2016

Japanese Matsuri (festivals) in Yokai Scrolls

What is a Matsuri (祭り)

Matsuri is the word for festival in Japanese. It's an incredibly important word because of how integrated into the culture of Japan these festivals are on a local and national level. Each region, and almost every shrine has one of its own (or more) unique festivals that you simply cannot find anywhere else. In addition, there are several nationally recognized festivals such as 七夕 (tanabata--the star festival) or お盆 (obon--honoring ancestors) that everyone enjoys.

What does this have to do with Yokai Scrolls?


In Yokai Scrolls you can help construct a matsuri as you progress in the story-line. The more quests related to the matsuri you do, the more filled out it'll become.

Work-in-progress Yokai Scrolls festival

 During development and after the release of Yokai Scrolls, the matsuri serves a few important functions:
  1. Provides us an avenue to experiment with different game play mechanics and ideas by quickly getting it in front of our fans to play around with.
  2. Enables competition against other players on the various mini-games you can play by tracking and comparing your scores.
  3. Enhances the immersion with many authentic elements of a real Japanese matsuri.
As you play the mini-games you can earn achievements and get prizes that show up on your profile as well as on your character in-game. This can include unique/rare or otherwise unobtainable items to make your friends jealous with.

Matsuri vendor for a mini-game

So when can I try it out?

We will release a version of Yokai Scrolls that lets you play around in the matsuri in early August. Keep in mind this version will not include the main storyline--that will be released in a later demo. Go to to register and sign up for our mailing list to stay informed!

What will the Matsuri have in it?

While we plan many experiences, here's an idea of what's coming soon:
  1. Ochimusha shooting mini-game
  2. Obstacle course
  3. Archery competition
  4. Battle arena
  5. Mask booth
This is only a small taste of what we'd like to include here and we cannot wait for you all to try it!

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