Saturday, August 6, 2016

Matsuri Minigame: Ochimusha Invasion!

We'd like to show off a sneak peek of one of the many Matsuri (Japanese festival) mini-games, accessible from within the Matsuri in Yokai Scrolls, called Ochimusha Invasion! Here it is in action:

Painful part time jobs for the villagers dressed as Ochimusha

Talk to the targeting range vender in the Matsuri to play. The goal is to use your high powered Legume Launcher to defeat the oncoming hordes of Ochimusha (fallen soldiers) before they can destroy your weapon. Manage to get a high enough score and win your own Legume Launcher to use for when the Ochimusha invade your village in the main Yokai Scrolls game!

Beans of mass destruction

We'll soon release a version of Yokai Scrolls that will let you browse the Matsuri and play this and many other short and fun gameplay experiments we've been working on. We'll also store your high scores on your (soon to come) profile so you can track your progress and compare against your friends. Stay tuned to this blog, register at, and like our Facebook page to make sure you're first in line to try it out!


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