Thursday, November 11, 2021

Check out the Yokai Encyclopedia!

Our Yokai Encyclopedia, containing a sample of the different kinds of Yokai you can expect to find in Yokai Scrolls, was published to late last night under the Explore section. Here's a sample pulled from the Encyclopedia called 垢嘗め (akaname):

Akaname are small goblin-like creatures about the size of a child with greasy hair, hunching posture, and a long sticky tongue. They are shy and tend to hide from humans, but are strongly attracted to the unsanitary conditions in unkempt bath houses and toilets where they will lick up the filth that accumulates there.

While they are not violent, their presence can spread disease so it is best to keep areas clean enough not to attract them. Any filthy area is likely to attract Akaname. Take care to clean your village as well, othwerwise you may start to find yokai like the Akaname spawning inside your village! When an Akaname does find its way inside, it may be difficult to catch as it sneaks its way around from one building to another scaring your villagers and reducing their genki levels. If a villager’s genki falls too low, they will be susceptible to disease which may even place their lives in danger!



While it's still a work in progress we'll be continually adding to, this is meant to serve as a reference tool as you play to help you identify and locate all the different kinds of Yokai hidden away in the world.

The beta for Yokai Scrolls will begin opening up soon, and we can't wait to get your feedback as you hunt for Yokai!

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